International Trust services

Trusts are very effective for international wealth and inheritance planning, but especially for structuring your wealth over generations. Our team consists of experienced advisers and can assist you in setting up international wealth structures and support you in all tax issues.

Firecrest Trust Corporation Ltd. is a New Zealand based branch office of INVICO┬« in Zurich. This company advises and supports our clients in all international Common Law Trust issues.

Trust Administration

INVICO┬« offers the following international services:

- Formation of Trusts and underlying companies
- Trusteeship, Protectorship, Directorship
- Inheritance planning
- Internatinal payments
- Asset management and protection
- Communication with banks and lawyers
- Investment advisory
- Controlling
- Trust accounting, reporting


Trusts: New Zealand, Jersey, Cayman Islands, Singapore and further
Corporations: Switzerland, Cyprus, BVI, Panama, Cayman Islands, Mauritius, Singapore and more