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INVICO® is an international trust company offering you individual solutions, tailor-made to your own individual requirements, in areas involving asset management and fiduciary, trust and HR services.

Our claim is always to place you, the Client, at the heart of our activities. We guarantee absolute discretion and the highest level of transparency and security, while we support you with our sound professional expertise .

Professional portfolio management

For over 25 years, INVICO® ASSET MANAGEMENT AG has operated internationally as a professional asset manager. Many years of experience and success - in bad times as well as good - allow us to work with our Clients to develop the optimum individual investment strategy.

Our Clients organise a bank account and provide INVICO® with a limited authority to manage their assets. This gives us the right to make investments, i.e. to buy and sell securities. However, this authority does not give INVICO® the right to pay out, transfer or withdraw money from the Client's account.

This division of functions between the bank, as the retainer of securities and cash assets, and INVICO® as the asset manager meets the requirements of the "separation of powers" principle and prevents any conflicts of interest. INVICO® makes its decisions on investments independently and without constraint.

Investment strategy

The INVICO® team combines many years of experience as independent asset managers with practical knowledge of modern portfolio theory. The 3-stage model used by INVICO® forms the basis of a well-structured system of asset management. Our clients' portfolios are analysed and monitored on a weekly basis.

The story of the Invico 3-stage model's success
Dividing the investment capital into three strategic areas ensures the development of a successful portfolio that matches the personal requirements and individual risk profile of each investor.

Invico 3-stage model

Pyramid DE - INVICO AG Growth stage
Shares in smaller companies (Mid & Small Caps)
Indexed funds made up of shares in growing markets

Development stage
Index-linked share funds in industrial nations.
Shares in larger businesses (Blue Chips)

Security stage
Bonds and financial market shares
Swiss real estate funds, Real estate businesses
Convertible bonds.

The 3-stage model is based on recognizing that risk and revenue are closely connected. The higher the revenue, the higher also the risk.

We anticipate that the highest overall revenue will be achieved during the growth stage, but that this will be associated with the strongest rate fluctuations; in the security stage, on the other hand, we would expect a lower overall yield and lower rate fluctuations.

INVICO® ASSET MANAGEMENT AG's current investment strategy appears in regular publications. The main aspects are the macro-economy and trends in the different economic regions.

Thorough analyses of developments and the financial markets allow the focus to be placed on growth investments in the shares sector plus stable investments that hold their value in bonds and real estate funds.

Analysis and risk profile

At the beginning of every relationship with a Client, our analysis of the individual financial expectations and requirements of that Client stands at the forefront of our work. We analyse the investment position and aims, as well as the tolerance to risk, of each individual client. On this basis, we develop an individual investment strategy, using the INVICO® 3-stage model (security, development and growth stages).

Our team of analysts provides the decision-making principles upon which the final choice of investments is based.

Willingness to take risks

Success in asset management is based upon an individual investment strategy matched to the willingness of each individual client to take risks - and it is discussed with that client. The intention is to meet the personal requirements of each client. A portfolio may therefore consist of shares, bonds and funds; it may also include investments in real estate in some cases.

The higher the risk, the greater the potential for a major gain. If the aim is to take as little risk as possible, lower yield must be anticipated as a result. One of the tasks of an optimum portfolio strategy is to combine these different developments to achieve an optimum relationship between risk and revenue on the basis of considered diversification.

Only the best asset managers are good enough for you

Financial investment is also affected by the globalisation of the markets. It is important to clarify market correlation and which diversification strategy should be selected. Private clients with assets not only want to invest their money safely, they also want to choose their investments to achieve optimum profit.

The INVICO® Analysis Team monitors the progress of the macro-economy on a continuous basis and investigates the individual sectors and businesses. We detect new developments in promising economic regions and determine which companies bear a particular potential for growth. Close contact with our clients allows us to establish the thrust of each individual portfolio together and to make regular adjustments according to current circumstances.

Our thorough analysis of current developments and financial markets enables us to focus on growth securities in the shares sector and on stable, sustainable investments in bonds and real estate funds.


INVICO® works on the basis of a management mandate, reporting regularly to the client by means of transparent, detailed reports and performance calculations.
We also present the various securities and justify their inclusion in the portfolio.

We maintain very close contact with the client, thereby creating a lasting relationship and building trust.

Financial newsletter

We have published a financial newsletter since 1995.
The contents of this newsletter provide information about developments and trends in the financial world and about potential developments in the markets, as well as estimates (which very often prove accurate).

Check our hit rate by reading through previous financial newsletters.

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