Trust Services

The long-term preservation and protection of your wealth over generations is the most important goal of international estate and tax planning. For this specific purpose, trusts are an excellent solution.

As an international multi-family office, we have been offering families and entrepreneurs with best-possible solutions since 1990. In order to do so, we work closely together with the experienced team of our partner company FIRECREST CAPITAL CORPORATION LTD. on the establishment of international trust structures as well as on all legal and tax matters.

Trust Foundation

Our specialists are with you every step of the way from setting up a trust to opening an account at your preferred bank.

Would you like us to take care of your existing trusts and companies? We will be happy to support you in making all the necessary changes with the banks and parties involved.

Do you expect nothing less from a trust administration than that it simply runs smoothly? Then leave all administrative matters to our specialists.

We support you with the following trust administration services:

  • Establishment and administration of trusts and foundations
  • Assumption of functions as trustee, protector or director of companies
  • Accounting and reporting
  • International payment transactions
  • Advice on investment strategies
  • Monitoring and management of assets

Trust administration

Legal Advice

The establishment of trusts and trust structures requires in-depth expertise of international estate and tax planning.

Together with proven specialists from international law firms from our excellent network we develop the best-possible solution for you.